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When I was growing up, I loved to discover and learn. Finding different perspectives, new connections and fresh inspirations is the consistent purpose that has shaped my life and business.

My journey has made me believe everyone can discover more and learn how to change for the better, achieve in their lives, and create value where they work and belong.

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Lisa Brice


My Approach

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My Approach

To create meaningful change, I believe that the person is the focus of the process. Discovery and learning are mindsets created and nurtured so skills are developed and change becomes meaningful and embedded in life. I partner with my clients to build active awareness of personal potential. Together, we create the tools and sense of space to nurture positive development in their lives, teams and businesses.

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My Credentials

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My journey – I began turning my love of learning into a business in the early 1990’s. In the beginning, I made a conscious choice to invest in myself, not just through qualifications but in understanding people, cultures, society and what performance means in a commercial environment. This decision ignited a desire to innovate and experiment with new ways of inspiring excellence in others and a passion that has fuelled my business for over 30 years.

My passion – To inspire curiosity; I am intensely proud to turn learning and discovery into memorable, individual experiences. When I see someone understand why and how to make their change, I know I have made the difference I seek for every client and every situation. The achievements of others – this is what truly inspires me to do what I do every day.

My skill sets – Equine Learning Specialist| NLP Master Trainer| Personal Performance & Leadership Coach| Qualified Trainer & Consultant

My qualifications – CIPD Trainer, ANLP Master Trainer, NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner, Dip NLP Coach, Dip CMI Strategic Business Coaching, Dip CMI Business Support, Cert Leadership Capability, Licensed HeartMath Trainer and Coach, QCA Assessor, Internal Verifier, External Verifier, Clean Language Practitioner, Systemic Coaching and Constellations Practitioner.

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My Focus


My Focus is to inspire individuals to discover and accelerate their achievements through bespoke learning programmes created by questions, shaped by planning and delivered with energy, creativity and commitment.

My purpose is to empower people to connect how they think to how they feel and act to enable them to learn and achieve more.

A Connected Approach
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My Commitments

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I make empathy, accountability, fairness and hard work the foundations of every learning experience I create and deliver. They shape the behaviours underpinning every relationship and bring to life the ideas I define and embed as sustainable learning and change values.

The values of sustainable learning and change
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My Services

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For 30 years, I have continually embraced and developed cutting-edge learning tools and techniques to give clients options that enable them to make smart choices aligned with their needs, preferences and learning styles.

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Personal Performance Coaching
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My Programmes

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My Approach

I deliver a comprehensive range of “open programmes” with participants from different businesses and walks of life.

Where you learn is directly connected to how you learn, and our converted barn is designed as a relaxed, versatile training environment conducive to full-body, experiential, and brain-friendly learning.

The whole experience is curated and hosted for learning experiences that radically differ from the staid environments of hotels and conference venues.

The gardens and paddocks make great, creative breakout areas, and delegates often go for a walk to visit the horses or neighbouring alpacas.

The day is punctuated with a home-cooked two-course lunch. Everyone eats together around the farmhouse kitchen table, and a steady stream of refreshments is provided throughout the day.

NLP Programmes

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Horses for Courses

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