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Horses for Courses
Lisa Brice Course Dates

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Horses for Courses

Embodied Leadership
1 Day Programme

  • 9th July
Horses for Courses

121 Systemic Coaching
with Horses Sessions

Coming soon!

Horses for Courses®
Re-Framing Interactions and Relationships

Since 2002, Horses for Courses® has pioneered Equine Assisted Learning.
Horses show us what we must do to inspire, lead, authentically communicate, create a sense of belonging, and create willing followership. The ‘science’ is simple. Horses live in the moment and give you immediate, pure feedback on your impact and how you relate to them. They won’t write you a report, their behaviour will tell us, and we use this as a signpost to your approach to relationships and to explore your abilities to build rapport, lead and communicate.

Horses for Courses

We combine this with classroom and coaching techniques to create unique, impactful vertical learning that is multi-sensory and a highly emotive, lasting experience for an individual or team.

Our innovative approach is underpinned by scientific research which explains the entrainment process that happens as we sync heart rhythms and electromagnetic fields with another being. We use biofeedback technology to demystify the myth of connection and rapport. Uniquely you can have the opportunity to work with the horses in a number of different ways:

  • Metaphorically to raise your awareness to your default leadership style and habitual patterns of communication
  • Systemically to notice and map the hidden dynamics of relationships
  • Somatically to gain feedback about your non-verbal communication, learning how to horse whisper with the horses at liberty.

We specialise in incorporating our programmes into your training strategy – perhaps you would like us to be the first day of your 6 month Leadership Development programme, or the last day of a Coaching programme, or a module in your Train the Trainer programme, or perhaps you are considering a bespoke 2 or 3 day Master Class or a 1 day Team Development workshop? We are happy either to work with your company’s training professionals or provide our own highly trained and experienced facilitators.

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