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My new book bQUICK® Coaching available now!

A quick read that mirrors the bQUICK® model. This book will transform your life as a leader, manager and even a parent. Lisa has made a potentially complex subject clear, easy to understand and available to everyone.

Well I wish I had been given this book when I first had team leadership responsibility! The ideas and processes in this book would have helped me no end to learn to be a better leader and coach much more quickly and with better insight

I love the simplicity and accessibility of this book and the bQUICK® Coaching model – it really can be used by anyone. It contains many golden nuggets and is a great resource you can pick up and access whenever you’re looking for a quick prompt or reminder. Another gem from Lisa Brice!

This little book potentially solves one of the biggest barriers to a coaching leadership style – the ‘I don’t have time’ deflection. The bQUICK® model shows how anyone can start to coach their teams and people right now and the great outcomes that can flow from that change. Insightful and timely.

The bQUICK® Coaching Model has transformed the way we run our business. The model is quick, effective, and versatile. I have personally used it in 1-1 situations with numerous employees and have witnessed immediate huge positive changes. Rolling the bQUICK® Coaching Model out in our business has created a solution focused culture of coaching throughout that has our employees feel empowered and valued. This has had a dramatic influence in the business as a whole, from culture to profits.

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