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bQUICK - Have You Ever Done This?
Have you ever done this?

A colleague stops you in the corridor and asks “Have you got a minute? I just want to run something by you.” Your heart sinks, you’re rushing to your next meeting.

You feel torn between wanting to help and needing to be somewhere else. Your mind is already at your next meeting. You decide to help.

“OK what’s the problem?” you say. You half listen, and then you give them your best advice – tell them what they should do quickly, succinctly and move on.

And in some situations, with some people, that may have been a good call. However, often in these moments, we miss out on the amazing opportunity to develop and empower our people.

Using the bQUICK® Coaching model, you can combine awareness, intention, and skill to make a real difference in just a few highly focused moments in a corridor, in a coffee shop or even while sitting at a computer.

When you choose to coach, you can quickly and easily tap into a myriad of business benefits that adopting a coaching style to your communications gives you.

Using the bQUICK® Coaching model will give you a simple structure to enable you to purposefully empower and grow your people, increasing engagement, accountability, learning, creativity and performance.

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