Lisa Brice

I often ask my clients “who are you?” And now as the shoe is on the other foot – who am I? A challenging question! I could answer in terms of my roles; a trainer, a coach, a business consultant, a managing director, a business owner, a colleague, a horse whisper, a sports person, an author, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, …… But that alone doesn’t give you the essence of who I really am.


So I’ll talk about my passion and mission, and the legacy I want to leave. Like a lot of people, I want to make a difference in the world. Whilst I am unlikely to invent or discover the next big thing – I know I am no Thomas Edison or a Tim Berners-Lee – what I can do is make a difference every day to the people that I interact with.  I am passionate about facilitating insights and change, for others and myself. By heightening our awareness, both personally and of each other, I believe we create more choices and strategies to enable us to achieve what we desire on a personal and professional level.

So what inspires me? I experience a sense of joy and awe when I see a beautiful sunset, notice the rain drops on a rose petal, hear a robin sing, or stroke one of my horses. I get a buzz and a real thrill when someone has a personal insight, gets a new level of awareness, overcomes a challenge or makes a positive change in their life or business. I am motivated and enthused when I help a client turn their company around, develop and implement a training strategy that delivers enhanced employee engagement and a significant improvement to performance, design a change programme that creates a coaching culture in an organisation, or support a company to accredit their training to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

I really value the way I work with my clients, fostering long term relationships with them. I like to be considered part of the team! When I work with them, I always strive for win-win solutions and am relentless when it comes to delivering value. I believe that every individual has a unique and special contribution to make. My mission and passion is to raise awareness, and in doing so, create the space in which change can happen – supporting individuals, teams and businesses to fulfil their potential. I am a congruent trainer and coach, and challenge myself to bring my values of integrity, pragmatism, continuous learning, commitment, openness, rapport, feedback, expertise and a passion for excellence to every client interaction.


To find out more about what I can do for  you, please pick up the phone, drop me an email, connect with me via social media, or come and see me. I look forward to meeting you.



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