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11 Sep

Trust; Giving to Receive

Trust-Giving-to-ReceiveThe other day I was trying out working with a new horse in preparation for a workshop that is coming up. The horse and I were just beginning our conversation; for about 5 minutes or so she pretty much ignored me in a rather polite and gracious way. We sort of connected every so often but then she would get distracted and she even turned her bottom toward me (which in horse language can be taken as quite a sign of disrespect!)Her owner who knew the sort of work that I did and the results that I often get, asked if we should maybe try a different horse as this didn’t seem to be working.I remember saying, “She will be fine, we will get there in a while.” At that moment in time I had no doubt that we would connect; I trusted it would happen, and so I just waited (a friend of mine called it “keenly waiting” once – I quite like that idea!). A few minutes later, not surprisingly the horse and I made a beautiful connection and the magic happened!This interaction set me thinking about trust and how often we have to give it, before we get it, and how some people and indeed some horses, just need a little bit of time and attention to truly blossom.

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