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14 Sep

The Liquorice Allsorts Approach to Selling

The Liquorice Allsorts Approach to Selling

I’m in the supermarket in the sweets aisle, hand out stretched to pick up a bag of liquorice allsorts, what is going through my mind?

“Shall I buy chocolate, no, that is too fattening”….or “I fancy something sweet to eat when I am watching the movie tonight”….or “I could make the kids an ice cream treat”….or “I had wine gums last week, I think I will try something different”….”I wonder whether per kilogram it is better value to buy the family pack or the standard pack”….or ….?

The good salesperson knows that people buy the same thing for lots of different reasons. They know how to identify the customer’s buying motivations and to position their product or service proposition in a way that satisfies them.

Great salespeople “model” their customer’s thinking and behaviour to ensure they present their product or service proposition in a way that appeals to what really matters to them. They don’t fall into the trap of selling in-line with their own personal preferred way of thinking and taking in information. They have developed a flexibility in their style which enables them to present information in line with each individual customer’s preferences.

In short they sell the way the customer likes to buy!

This ability to tailor your message to your audience is not just the domain of the great salesperson, it is a fundamental leadership and communication skill.

How practiced are you at flexing your personal style to communicate in-line with someone else’s preferences?

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