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14 Sep

What an encounter with a rhinoceros taught me about followership

“Keep close, no, keep really close behind me – ok now climb up the rock and do it quickly!” shouted my South African safari guide in a low tone. Finding myself lying half way up a large boulder, I finally dare to look up! With my heart beating out a veritable rhythm in my chest I eventually pluck up enough courage to look at the rhinoceros which is no more than 8 feet away! And slowly, as the pounding in my heart begins to subside, I start to marvel at the amazing experience I am having. What an awesome sight…..

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11 Sep

Trust; Giving to Receive

The other day I was trying out working with a new horse in preparation for a workshop that is coming up. The horse and I were just beginning our conversation; for about 5 minutes or so she pretty much ignored me in a rather polite and gracious way. We sort of connected every so often but then she would get distracted and she even turned her bottom toward me (which in horse language can be taken as quite a sign of disrespect!)Her owner who knew the sort of work that I did and the results that I often get, asked…..

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