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8 May

I want what you have

“You have got to come and see this” I call to my husband.  “Your cat – Astro is definitely his cat – has managed to ensconce himself in the cat basket.” Nothing too remarkable about that I hear you say.  Well it tweaked my fancy as the cat basket had been sitting on some boxes in the utility room for about 5 years and had never been used by either of our cats. When we were “adopted” by our friend’s cat “Brother”, he decided to use the cat basket. He snores gently in it most of the day and all…..

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25 Nov

Employee Engagement

To grow your business effectively and sustainably, you need to have an engaged workforce that’s pulling in the right direction. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself trying to steer your business on a course that your employees don’t understand and don’t feel part of.     Imagine this As you pull into the car park you sigh with frustration; there are no parking spaces available. You can feel your stomach starting to churn as you are going to be late for your meeting with the CEO. Slightly breathless, you arrive at reception. There’s nothing to be seen but a vase of drooping…..

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