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1 Mar

The Wrong Hand

Have you ever tried to do something using the wrong hand? I have been using the Action for Happiness – Happy New Year Calendar since the beginning of the year.  January 4th suggested I did something kind for myself – so I booked myself a back massage.  My therapist spotted that the muscles on the left side of my back were much more developed than the right.  Upon questioning me, she was concerned that I was using my right hand pretty much exclusively to muck out the horses and to poo pick the fields. The next day I decided to…..

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9 Aug

If someone else can do it; I and anyone can do it.

It is a wet and windy spring morning at the Lazy M Ranch in Ontario, Canada. The rain is stinging my face and I can feel myself starting to get frustrated with this young horse. The wind is picking up and really rattling the window and door to the narrow corridor that leads to the inflated indoor school. I can hear the voices in my head criticising me again: “You should be able to get this horse to follow you. You are a qualified riding instructor aren’t you? Surely you can’t be this pathetic…….?” Out of the corner of my…..

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