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8 May

In an Instant

In an instant we can fall in love, buy a new shirt and salivate at the smell of our favourite dish. We live in a world of instant gratification, snapchat and superfast broadband speeds.  We want everything now and, with interest free credit and buy-now-pay-later schemes, in many instances, we can have it now. And yet is this really how we human beings work (best)?  Is it really love at first sight? Or a compulsive urge to purchase that new shirt? Or some trigger in our nervous system that has us salivate at a smell? What actually happens in that…..

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9 Sep

A Different Perspective

  I am currently re-reading Linda Kohanov’s amazing book “Riding between the Worlds”. Whilst I am stimulated by the content, what has struck me most is the difference in impact the book is having on me now compared to some 7 or 8 years ago. It is like I am reading a completely different book. If the book isn’t a revised edition (and it isn’t, I checked!), then the only thing that can have changed is my response to reading it. I am curious about the different levels of awareness that time has given me. This has led me to…..

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