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2 Oct

I have just found my phone in the fridge

Have you ever had the experience of walking into a room really fast and then standing there wondering what on earth you came to get? I have on numerous occasions; and it is not until I retrace my steps and then return to the room more slowly that I am able to recall why I had gone there in the first place. Well the other day I managed to take the whole distraction piece to another level, I had misplaced my phone, which is unusual for me, and after searching the normal places, I gave up and decided have a…..

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1 Mar

The Wrong Hand

Have you ever tried to do something using the wrong hand? I have been using the Action for Happiness – Happy New Year Calendar since the beginning of the year.  January 4th suggested I did something kind for myself – so I booked myself a back massage.  My therapist spotted that the muscles on the left side of my back were much more developed than the right.  Upon questioning me, she was concerned that I was using my right hand pretty much exclusively to muck out the horses and to poo pick the fields. The next day I decided to…..

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14 Sep

What an encounter with a rhinoceros taught me about followership

“Keep close, no, keep really close behind me – ok now climb up the rock and do it quickly!” shouted my South African safari guide in a low tone. Finding myself lying half way up a large boulder, I finally dare to look up! With my heart beating out a veritable rhythm in my chest I eventually pluck up enough courage to look at the rhinoceros which is no more than 8 feet away! And slowly, as the pounding in my heart begins to subside, I start to marvel at the amazing experience I am having. What an awesome sight…..

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8 May

In an Instant

In an instant we can fall in love, buy a new shirt and salivate at the smell of our favourite dish. We live in a world of instant gratification, snapchat and superfast broadband speeds.  We want everything now and, with interest free credit and buy-now-pay-later schemes, in many instances, we can have it now. And yet is this really how we human beings work (best)?  Is it really love at first sight? Or a compulsive urge to purchase that new shirt? Or some trigger in our nervous system that has us salivate at a smell? What actually happens in that…..

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3 Jul

“Not Knowing”

I have a very clear memory of playing a particular family game. I am probably about 6 or 7 years old, it is a picture book sunny afternoon, the there are small cotton clouds floating across a bright blue sky. My whole family squeeze into our rather battered orange beetle. “Where are we going?” asks my sister. “I don’t know” replies my father. “We are going to play a game” says my mother.  “What sort of a game?” asks my foster brother. “A fun one” my mother said! It turns out the rules of the game are really simple. Each…..

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