Horses for Courses A Practice in Presence

Horses for Courses – A Practice in Presence

When? 20th October 2021
Where? The Old Dairy, Bunkers Hill Farm, Moulton Road, Pitsford, Northampton NN69BB
Who are the trainers? Lisa Brice
What is the investment? £350 + VAT
How do I book? book-event-button

Download the Practice in Presence  Programme Overview

Programme Overview: Horses for Courses® is delighted to be offering this unique programme to support you to communicate virtually with as much passion, authenticity and empathy as you do face to face. Join us to explore how working with horses can help you to:

  • Deepen your presence
  • Heighten your sensory awareness
  • Develop your felt sense and enhance your capacity to empathise
  • Create and maintain deep and meaningful relationships

This one day workshop uses equine facilitated learning to help you ensure that your team members are engaged and motivated, that you can handle with compassion sensitive personal and professional issues, that your messaging is received in the way you intended. You will have the opportunity to learn and practice techniques that enhance your interpersonal excellence.


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Horses for Courses® uses equine assisted experiential learning techniques to raise personal awareness of core interpersonal and leadership skills. visit horsesforcourses