My Approach

My approach to personal and business development is always learner centred. To make sure I meet your identified needs and learning outcomes, I design my training and coaching programmes to follow the Systematic Training Cycle and use experiential “brain friendly training” techniques. Key themes and messages build and are reinforced as the training progresses to ensure maximum retention. I always evaluate the impact of your intervention to ensure that I’m delivering tangible results to you.

I adopt a blended learning approach, which is specifically tailored to each individual and business need. This ranges from accelerated and brain friendly training techniques, to group facilitated learning and discovery learning. I also use behavioural profiles121 coachingequine facilitated learningHeartMathNLP, walking workshops …… and more!

Whether you’re an organisation wanting a specific business outcome or an individual looking for a personal or leadership break through, I’ll work with you to identify how best I can support you to ensure you get the sustainable, long term results you are seeking to achieve.

To explore which approach would suit you and / or your business, please contact me.

Choose2b aligns leading edge thinking with practical business applications to deliver learning interventions which provide lasting value and tangible business results. visit choose2b

Horses for Courses® uses equine assisted experiential learning techniques to raise personal awareness of core interpersonal and leadership skills. visit horsesforcourses