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8 May

Awesomeness on Demand

“OMG – this is amazing – I am soooooo excited – wow – look at us – we are awesome!!”  I shout. For the non-horsey amongst you I am absolutely sure you would perceive this to be a gross overreaction to 8 strides of an exquisite medium trot – in fact you probably don’t know what medium trot is – as opposed to any other kind of trot, and thinking about it, do you even know what a trot looks like compared to a walk or a canter?                        …..

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19 Jun


“We were both sobbing with the kind of tears that you know wont quickly pass; mine had started gently trickling down the side of my cheek pretty much immediately, my husband’s were more muffled about 40 minutes in to the movie, in fairness we both reached a crescendo as the movie drew to a close.” I was recalling our response to the film, The Notebook, at a Storytelling Workshop the other evening where we were asked to share with a partner a movie that had impacted us. The interesting part of the exercise came for me when we were invited…..

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10 Sep

That Sense of Adventure

I nearly fell off Zodiac, my horse, laughing as my youngster Hookey Hoo insisted on exploring my neighbour’s courtyard and then her barn. Ella, who works with me, is a very accomplished horsewoman and yet she was being “taken” on an adventure not of her making!! This particular incident tickled me as it very unusual for a horse, who typically finds safety by being part of a herd, to choose to leave his friend and go off exploring. I am curious about what it is that inspires this sense of adventure in a pony so young, and delighted that he…..

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9 Sep

A Different Perspective

  I am currently re-reading Linda Kohanov’s amazing book “Riding between the Worlds”. Whilst I am stimulated by the content, what has struck me most is the difference in impact the book is having on me now compared to some 7 or 8 years ago. It is like I am reading a completely different book. If the book isn’t a revised edition (and it isn’t, I checked!), then the only thing that can have changed is my response to reading it. I am curious about the different levels of awareness that time has given me. This has led me to…..

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25 Nov

Employee Engagement

To grow your business effectively and sustainably, you need to have an engaged workforce that’s pulling in the right direction. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself trying to steer your business on a course that your employees don’t understand and don’t feel part of.     Imagine this As you pull into the car park you sigh with frustration; there are no parking spaces available. You can feel your stomach starting to churn as you are going to be late for your meeting with the CEO. Slightly breathless, you arrive at reception. There’s nothing to be seen but a vase of drooping…..

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9 Aug

If someone else can do it; I and anyone can do it.

It is a wet and windy spring morning at the Lazy M Ranch in Ontario, Canada. The rain is stinging my face and I can feel myself starting to get frustrated with this young horse. The wind is picking up and really rattling the window and door to the narrow corridor that leads to the inflated indoor school. I can hear the voices in my head criticising me again: “You should be able to get this horse to follow you. You are a qualified riding instructor aren’t you? Surely you can’t be this pathetic…….?” Out of the corner of my…..

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