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9 Aug

If someone else can do it; I and anyone can do it.

It is a wet and windy spring morning at the Lazy M Ranch in Ontario, Canada. The rain is stinging my face and I can feel myself starting to get frustrated with this young horse.

The wind is picking up and really rattling the window and door to the narrow corridor that leads to the inflated indoor school. I can hear the voices in my head criticising me again: “You should be able to get this horse to follow you. You are a qualified riding instructor aren’t you? Surely you can’t be this pathetic…….?”

if-someone-else-can-do-itOut of the corner of my eye, I see Lane approaching, he has the situation appraised in one glance. I watch him take the horse, move him around a bit, and then like a little lamb the horse follows him into the school!

I think it was in that moment I decided I want to have that relationship with my horses; if it wasn’t then, it was certainly cemented during the next 7 hours as I watched, spell bound, Lane trimming his horses’ feet in a way I had never seen a farrier do before!

I had recently completed my first NLP Practitioner training and was curious about modelling; I wanted to be able to do what Lane did and have that same relationship with my horses that he did with his horses. As a result of my training with Lane I started running my Horses for Courses programmes back in 2003.

Modelling is at the heart of NLP. It starts with a passion for wanting to be, do or have something and is underpinned by the belief, “If someone else can do it; I and anyone can do it.”

What would you like to have more of? What results do you really want for yourself? Whom can you identify who already has IT? As you explore what they are doing with their thinking and behaviour to get the results they are achieving, pay attention to the little things. What have you identified as useful strategies that you could incorporate into your way of doing things that would move you closer to your goal?

That’s the start of modelling- good luck!

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  1. What a great article – so thought provoking and inspirational.