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25 Nov

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

To grow your business effectively and sustainably, you need to have an engaged workforce that’s pulling in the right direction. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself trying to steer your business on a course that your employees don’t understand and don’t feel part of.



Imagine this

As you pull into the car park you sigh with frustration; there are no parking spaces available. You can feel your stomach starting to churn as you are going to be late for your meeting with the CEO.

Slightly breathless, you arrive at reception. There’s nothing to be seen but a vase of drooping flowers. Eventually you hear footsteps. “Can I help you? The receptionist is off sick again”.

You are directed upstairs to the second door on your right. You climb the stairs, knock on the door and walk into a broom cupboard! You are sure they said the second door on the right.

In an instant you decide to turn on your heel and leave.

Now imagine this

You pull into the car park to find a space straight in front of you with a sign with your name on it. Reaching the well-lit and warm reception area, you are greeted by a smartly dressed receptionist.

Taking the cup of coffee you are offered, you are surprised when the receptionist asks, “So Mr Jones, how is the property market going? Have you noticed the demand decreasing as we head towards Christmas?”

You decide to ask, “Since when do receptionists know about the seasonal nature of the property market?”

“Well, we have a company suggestion box and each month we all vote on the best suggestion; the winner gets rewarded and we implement the suggestion. Last month, my suggestion was doing a social search on our visitors before their appointment, so that I could can greet people properly and, wherever possible, help the company to win business.”

Now you are really excited to meet the CEO.

Engaged employees understand the strategic direction of the company and are proactive. When employees are disengaged the first example is all too often a reality.

So, how can you spot disengagement?

Five signs that your employees are dis-engaged

1) They only do what is required of them and no more; they don’t go the extra mile for the company or the customer

2) They fail to show any initiative or get involved in the wider aspects of their work

3) They may fail to turn up for work, and if they do they may be present but not active

4) They make more mistakes as they care less about their colleagues and their customers

5) They may well let you down when dealing with customers, damaging your brand and degrading your customer service levels.

For more information about how to raise your levels of employee engagement, please contact me at lisa@lisabrice.co.uk.

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