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2 Oct

I have just found my phone in the fridge

Have you ever had the experience of walking into a room really fast and then standing there wondering what on earth you came to get? I have on numerous occasions; and it is not until I retrace my steps and then return to the room more slowly that I am able to recall why I had gone there in the first place. Well the other day I managed to take the whole distraction piece to another level, I had misplaced my phone, which is unusual for me, and after searching the normal places, I gave up and decided have a…..

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30 Aug

Connected or Not?

Oooh S..T (not every ladylike, I know) I said to myself, and hopefully not that loudly, as I realised that I have left my mobile phone in the training room on the other side of London.  I am now panicking as I am due to meet an old friend in Bank tube station and I have no way of contacting her.  Miraculously after trying several different exits, I find her.  Over a much needed glass of wine we talk about how reliant we are on the technology and reminisce about the days when we could memorise 20 phone numbers! Being…..

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1 Mar

The Wrong Hand

Have you ever tried to do something using the wrong hand? I have been using the Action for Happiness – Happy New Year Calendar since the beginning of the year.  January 4th suggested I did something kind for myself – so I booked myself a back massage.  My therapist spotted that the muscles on the left side of my back were much more developed than the right.  Upon questioning me, she was concerned that I was using my right hand pretty much exclusively to muck out the horses and to poo pick the fields. The next day I decided to…..

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14 Sep

What an encounter with a rhinoceros taught me about followership

“Keep close, no, keep really close behind me – ok now climb up the rock and do it quickly!” shouted my South African safari guide in a low tone. Finding myself lying half way up a large boulder, I finally dare to look up! With my heart beating out a veritable rhythm in my chest I eventually pluck up enough courage to look at the rhinoceros which is no more than 8 feet away! And slowly, as the pounding in my heart begins to subside, I start to marvel at the amazing experience I am having. What an awesome sight…..

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