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9 Sep

A Different Perspective


a-different-perspectiveI am currently re-reading Linda Kohanov’s amazing book “Riding between the Worlds”. Whilst I am stimulated by the content, what has struck me most is the difference in impact the book is having on me now compared to some 7 or 8 years ago. It is like I am reading a completely different book.

If the book isn’t a revised edition (and it isn’t, I checked!), then the only thing that can have changed is my response to reading it. I am curious about the different levels of awareness that time has given me. This has led me to pondering how else we can get new awareness and a different perspective?

How we “frame” something often impacts on our experience. Imagine for a moment a picture of a seascape in a soft pale blue weathered frame; now consider how that same seascape would look if it was in a metallic purple frame with green dots on it. Quite different I suspect! If we change the way we are “framing” something our experience will be different.

So the way we choose to think about something will have an impact not only on how we experience it but also on what insights or new awareness we gain from the situation.

I was coaching a client recently who was on the board of directors for a company that was implementing a large change programme. My client was struggling to accept some of the decisions that the board had taken. She felt undermined and a little resentful. As we explored the situation and some of the other decision maker’s potential motivations, my client was able to reframe the situation. With this new awareness, she was able to take a different perspective and consequently feel more aligned to the change.

What would you benefit from exploring from a different perspective? And as you take a moment to do just that, what else are you aware of?


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