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8 May

Awesomeness on Demand

“OMG – this is amazing – I am soooooo excited – wow – look at us – we are awesome!!”  I shout.

For the non-horsey amongst you I am absolutely sure you would perceive this to be a gross overreaction to 8 strides of an exquisite medium trot – in fact you probably don’t know what medium trot is – as opposed to any other kind of trot, and thinking about it, do you even know what a trot looks like compared to a walk or a canter?

2015-May Bliss
















Enough of that, the point is that I am sure you have experienced at least one moment, if not hundreds of moments, of pure joy in your life.  For me, one such moment was last week whilst having a lesson on my horse, Zodiac. We have been working hard to improve our dressage over the last few years and suddenly we come around the corner and literally float down the long side of the school – I just sit there, barely breathing in case I spoilt it, it is such an amazing feeling of connection, of oneness.

How do you get moments of pure joy, of sheer bliss, in your life? And when you do, how do you savour and appreciate them?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find a way of re-creating that feeling?

One of the many things I love about NLP is that it has taught me that I can feel however I want to in any given moment – there are anchoring techniques available to me, which enable me to recreate those moments of bliss on demand.

I was recently reminded of the significance of this when I was having a conversation with a client.  He had learnt how to set up and fire an anchor (to create an almost automatic connection between a physical gesture and a feeling) on one of my programmes a few years ago.  He told me about a difficult meeting he was due to attend and how un-resourceful he was feeling about it until he remembered his anchor.  With a bit of practice, he was delighted to find that it still worked and shared that he was surprised how good he felt during the meeting despite the very challenging circumstances.

Knowing we have the power to feel however we choose to feel, begs the question why I, or indeed anyone else would, choose to feel negative or grumpy. When I notice myself feeling perhaps a little bit despondent or just lacking in energy, I fire my anchor and in an instant I am feeling resourceful and enthused.

When you genuinely believe you have the power to feel however you choose to feel – wow now that is totally awesome – wouldn’t you agree?

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